25 Maps That Explain The English Language

I know just enough Latin to be dangerous (though how dangerous can a dead language actually be?) and only enough to understand the basis of words in English.

And I do the same with other languages such as Spanish (took it in high school back in the Ice Age), Greek (studied it in college back in the Paleolithic Age), and French (tried to learn it 8 years ago before we went to France). But I freely admit that, outside of understanding word origins, I have never really enjoyed learning a language enough to speak and write it. You may feel the same since, “only 18% of Americans report speaking a language other than English.”

So for those of you like me who want to dig deeper but don’t care to go exploring in dusty old tomes filled with the words of old or dead university professors, then you might enjoy the visual learning aspect of these 25 Maps That Explain The English Language.

Map of the English Language

Just be careful…I’ve gotten lost in there a few times.

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