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Back To Corn Country

Got the call this morning to go back to Iowa, so I’m flying out Wednesday morning with a connecting flight in Dallas-Ft. Worth and arriving around 3:30pm Des Moines’ time tomorrow afternoon. This deployment I’m working in my current department … Continue reading

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Writing Productivity Resources

Lifehack has an excellent list of Writing Productivity Resources that, if you’re a writer, you’ll find as helpful as I did. Thank you for subscribing to The Word Of Jeff. This feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. If you … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight

Went to see The Dark Knight yesterday at the IMAX theater with Shawn, Amber’s significant other. I have a review up over at Athena. Thank you for subscribing to The Word Of Jeff. This feed is for personal, non-commercial use … Continue reading

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Miley “Ya Know” Cyrus

I’m sitting here watching Good Morning America and they’re running an interview with Miley Cyrus. Miss Cyrus seems like a pleasant, open person, but I’d suggest she get some public speaking professionals on her team to help her stop injecting … Continue reading

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Weekend Plans

Lost my Internet connection last night so couldn’t even post the cheese grater slide photo. We’re hosting our grandchildren tonight and planning on going to Universal Studios tomorrow before taking them back home to mommy and daddy. I had wanted … Continue reading

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As a writer who enjoys research, I am an intimate friend of Google. But today my brother sent me a link to a visually cool search engine known as SearchMe. Type in your term or inquiry and a graphic representation … Continue reading

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