Kindle vs. Nook

It looks like the battle of the e-readers is shaping up as Barnes & Noble announced the release next month of their reader, the Nook. For the last year and a half Amazon’s Kindle has been the king of the e-book readers, enjoying a major dominance due mostly to it’s ease of downloading books from the Amazon site, something other e-book readers could not compete with.

But now B & N has built in that same ease and convenience for e-books from their online catalog and the war, it would seem, is on.

Amazon had announced a few days ago that the Kindle was their most purchased item. B & N announced a couple of days ago that, since they announced the upcoming November 30th release of the Nook on October 22, pre-orders for the device have led their sales! It looks like lots of people will be getting one or the other for Christmas this year.

Cindy was an early adopter back when the Kindle was first released and she loves it so much that she has just about worn hers out. The battery will barely hold a charge anymore and I know she’ll be looking to get a new reader soon, especially before we move to Maggie Valley. I haven’t talked to her about this particular subject yet, so I have no clue if she’ll prefer to stick to the Kindle or give the Nook a whirl.

Me, I’ll keep reading my e-books on my iPhone. It’s always with me, small and easy to use. And, to my way of thinking, much cooler.

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