“Cap’n, She Canna Tae Much More!”

I’m checked into my new hotel room. Everything is good though I’m not thrilled that there are no thermostat controls in the rooms, only fan controls. I assume it’s because this is an “atrium” style hotel (most of the rooms open into the enclosed atrium – see photos below) and they want to keep the temperature at a moderate level, but I usually prefer to have my room a little cooler than most people. I’m sure I’ll adjust, especially since the good points heavily outweigh that one negative.

View from my door looking across the atrium.

View looking down in the atrium.

Plus I’ve had my first amusing experience here. I had come up (I’m on the top floor, which is the 10th) to check out the room before bringing my luggage all the way up to the room. One thing I didn’t do was turn on the TV’s (one in the front room and one in the bedroom) and I know better but for some reason I didn’t do it. Later, after I had unpacked and was settled in, I turned on the front room TV to be greeted with sound but no picture. I checked the bedroom TV and it was fine. I called down to the front desk, explained the situation, and the clerk replied, “No problem sir, I’ll send the engineer up.”

Whoa! They have an electrical engineer on staff at this hotel? I mean, it’s a nice hotel but not THAT nice.

A few minutes later there was a knock at my door and when I opened it I was greeted by…the maintenance man. He came in, quickly identified the problem as an encryption card issue that required a simple reset, and in a few seconds my TV was fully functional. As he was about to leave I said, “So, you’re an electrical engineer?” and he replied, “No, hotel maintenance. But we handle most of the simple problems.”

Ah, the desk clerk must have meant maintenance engineer.

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