We were informed at work the other day that we could no longer refer to it as “Swine Flu”, but rather as the new official designation of “H1N1.”

Pigs have feelings too, you know.

Or at least those who sell dead pigs do. The pork industry lobbied to remove the “swine flu” name because they were afraid it would negatively impact the sale of pork chops, sausage and bacon. Despite the fact that you cannot get it from eating pork.

Walking by our media monitoring center today I stopped and listened as reports came in of some 400 school closings around the nation. The precautions are everywhere, just like the little bottles of Purell on desks in my office. Or this cartoon showing new handshakes for the swine flu.

And at the same time, reports are coming in that this strain may not be as deadly as originally thought. It’s hard to know what to think. But one thing is sure; normal precautions to keep from spreading ANY type of sickness or flu are good actions to take.

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