Turkey On Wry

Note: From October 12th – 20th posts here will be new but pre-written due to my camping in the mountains of North Carolina where Internet connections are not always available or fast. Thanks for reading!

I first met Mary Ann de Stefano a couple of years ago at a Florida Writers Association mini-conference in Maitland. There is no doubt that she would not remember me from that conference, but she made quite an impression on me during a seminar she was conducting that day.

So when I had the opportunity to join Mad About Words I jumped at including my blog in the community of central Florida writers she has created with the Mad About Words Lounge. I haven’t been able to participate as much as I would like to, though I have had a couple of nice exchanges with some members, especially after finding out that one had also been to Montmartre, France where Cindy and I spent a week in May of 2007.

Anyway, I got a real laugh this past week when I received the Mad About Words newsletter via e-mail and saw that my blog was listed under the “Must Reads” banner with the description;

See THE WORD OF JEFF (Wetherington)
for his wry take on life and fun photos

Thanks, Mary Ann, for the kind description and placement. I laughed because I thought that must make me a “Turkey on “wry.” LOL. And I WILL make it to your wonderful seminars one of these days, if I’m ever in town long enough.

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