Homer Has Left The Building

I’m sitting here looking at a list of things that I wanted to write blog posts about, but haven’t had the time to do so. I probably won’t write about any of them tonight either.

I did have some time this past weekend, but fate threw a sort of emotional monkey wrench into the bliss, rendering me unable to really have the ability to focus and concentrate enough to construct any semblance of words strung together to form a coherent thought. I DID spend a lot of time reading and watching TV (mostly CNN, for some reason) in an attempt to distract myself, but accomplished nothing that would stir the muse from its depths. When Monday morning rolled around, I was feeling pretty crappy about wasting time I had to be creative and productive, but there was “day job” work to be done and that could not be put off.

Anyway, though it has nothing to do with the paragraph above, I am happy to announce that Homer Has Left The Building. I can’t say much more than that (signed NDA’s and all that sort of thing), but those of you who are privy to what it means will smile and join me in a small amount of happiness.

Hopefully, more words will be forthcoming in the days ahead.

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