Goodreads Choice Awards 2014

Goodreads Choice Awards 2014 logoToday closes the opening round of the Goodreads Choice Awards for 2014. If you’re a member of Goodreads, you’ve already received your email notification and most likely  already placed your vote(s) in the opening round to be part of the more than 1 million votes cast thus far. I’ve been busy and just got to mine tonight.

Cover to "Skin Game" by Jim ButcherI feel bad, because even though I have already read 49 books thus far this year, only one of them was a book that was published this year and placed in nomination. That one book, which I obviously voted for, was “Skin Game” by Jim Butcher in the Fantasy category.

So as not to find myself in the same situation next year, I have already set a goal of reading at least one book published in 2015 in the following (bolded) categories before voting rolls around next November. As you can see, out of the 20 categories normally presented for voting, I’ll be trying to read something in 14 of them.




Mystery & Thriller

Historical Fiction



Science Fiction




Memoir & Autobiography

History and biography

Business Books

Food & Cookbooks

Graphic Novels & Comics


Debut Goodreads Author

Young Adult Fiction

Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction

Middle Grade & Children’s

Picture Books


Even if you haven’t voted by today’s deadline in the opening round, you can still vote in the semi-final round from November 10th to the 15th and the final round from November 17th to the 24th.

And hey, if you’re a member of Goodreads, come look me up.


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