Happy Mardi Gras!

It’s “Fat Tuesday”, “Shrove Tuesday” or “Pancake Day” (take your choice) and I’m planning to drive down to New Orleans from Baton Rouge, head over to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter and pull my shirt up to see if I can get some beads.

Ok, not really.

Actually, it will be another long day here in the Red Stick.

I DID have this past weekend off, and that was nice. Saturday morning, I ran some errands like getting groceries, stopping by the Books-A-Million, mailing some things home from the Post Office and then grabbing lunch. After lunch I returned to the hotel and then walked over to the Barnes & Noble that is nearby and after that walked a little farther over to the movie theater to watch “Untraceable” which, while predictable was entertaining nonetheless.

Sunday was pretty much a day to just relax, although I did eye the fitness room here at the hotel once as I walked past it. I’m trying to sneak up on my body/mind (hence the increase in walking) with this exercise thing. The doctor and my wife are getting pretty serious about riding my case regarding my diet and working out.

Other than that, it’s mostly work, work, work, come home, eat sleep and repeat. The room here is very nice, as are the staff. I’m pretty sure I’ll be working this weekend, but I’m hoping to get out and get some photos of Baton Rouge the following weekend.

And if you’re reading this from one of the twenty-something states holding primaries on this Super Tuesday, I hope you’ll be sure to exercise your right to vote.

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