Sheepback Mountain Cabin Progress II

This past Monday morning they began pouring the foundation for our cabin on Sheepback Mountain. Below are some photos that our realtor and building contractor took for us of the activity.

In this photo from the south end of the access road; the gravel in the foreground will be our driveway. The red pickup truck and the cement mixer are on the access road that we get to name (still waiting to hear back on that) and where you see the stack of cement blocks is the foundation area. The blocks are for the basement portion of the log cabin.

This view is from the north end of the access road looking down onto the cabin site.

Down at the foundation level, you can see they use hoses to lay in the cement from the mixer truck up on the access road.

Close-up of the foundation area.

It is exciting to watch our dream begin to rise from the ground in our enchanted forest.

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