Saturday In Baton Rouge

Saturday morning I had a class I had to attend for work. I could do an entire post on how useless it was, but no one would care except those of us who had to suffer through it, and to the best of my knowledge no one who attended the class reads this blog, so let’s move on to the fun stuff.

After leaving the class I went downtown to visit the LSU Museum of Art and walk around the banks of the Mississippi River, which is still rising. The first photo below was taken on February 9th and I’ve included an arrow to show how much the river has risen to where it is in the second photo taken yesterday, where you can see people using the steps of the levee to walk into the river and how the steps and rails disappear into the still rising water.

The LSU MOA is a rather small museum (at least for what I would expect in a state capitol) but does contain some very nice pieces, ranging from work by Childe Hassam, an American Impressionistic painter, to Jackson Pollock’s abstract work to one of Andy Warhol’s most well-known piece of art.

I have several other photos up on my Flickr page, which you can view by clicking on the Flickr badge over on the right column.

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