Book Review – Marie Severin, The Mirthful Mistress of Comics

Cover of Marie Severin, The Mirthful Mistress of ComicsThis book was an X-mas gift from my wife.

Marie Severin was one of only two known female comic book artists when I was growing up (the other being Ramona Fradon, who was best known as the artist for Aquaman) and one of my favorite all-around artists.

I loved her work on Hulk, Doctor Strange and others, but was mostly enthralled by her covers for various Marvel characters such as Spider-man, Submariner, and Captain America.

But I also loved her more cartoon-like art for Not Brand Echh where she provided hilarious caricatures of those same superheroes mentioned above and others from the Distinguished Competition (otherwise known as DC comics)

This book reprints so many covers, pages and panels of Severin’s vast amount of work, as well as in depth interviews with Marie herself and so many of her co-workers through the years. It really was a lot of fun the be able to “peek behind the curtain” and see the background of her professional life before and shortly after she retired.

This book is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the multi-talented Marie Severin and is highly recommended for those who remember her work and/or want to learn more.


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