Book Review – Writing Without Rules by Jeff Somers

“Writing Without Rules” book cover.This is a book my daughter gifted me with for Christmas.

If you’re a writer who has grown tired of being told all the “rules” you must follow to be successful, this book is for you.

Somers is a successful (in other words, published) writer who posits that all those rules we’re told to follow to be a successful writer may not be the end of the story. It just may be that all we need is our desire and drive.

Somers addresses the “plotting versus pantsing” debate, the “self-publishing versus traditional publishing” arguments, the “need to research everything” advice and more in this book. In addition, he offers guidance and direction on how to write, what to write, and when to write.

There’s a lot of good information in this book and nothing is offered as the be all and end all of writing processes and outcomes. Somers discusses what has worked for him and allows that something different may work for you. The secret is to find out what that is for you, if you haven’t already.

Highly recommended for its advice, counsel, experience and information presented in a lighthearted yet understandable manner. I’ll be holding on to this one to use for reference and advice in the future.

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