Bookcrossing Again LogogAlmost 12 years ago I began practicing Bookcrossing for the second time, but over the past 2 years I found myself doing hardly any, for many reasons but mostly because I was doing a LOT of my reading in digital format to keep from traveling around with dead tree books.

But a few months ago, when Cindy and I visited Wolf’s Haven, I packed up a box of dead tree books that I had not yet read and had little to no intention of keeping so that I could bring them back to Orlando, read them, and then get back to having some fun with them by Bookcrossing.

A couple of days ago I finished reading Personal Village by Marvin Thomas. It was a book I picked up several years ago from a bargain table somewhere with every intention of reading, but it (along some others) kept being pushed to the bottom of my TBR stack.

Cover of “Personal Village” by Marvin ThomasToday, I had to go out to two different medical appointments and in between them I had time for a bit of lunch at Shake Shack in Winter Park. I’m salivating now just remembering how good the meal was, lol. But I took the opportunity to Bookcross (can you make it a verb?) “Personal Village” by hiding it in the diaper changing table in the men’s restroom. A few minutes ago I filled out my release notes on it at the Bookcrossing website. With any luck, someone will find it, see the sticker inside that identifies it as a traveling book, make note of the specifically individual ID number, and then log onto Bookcrossing and make note that they found it and, maybe, they will release it again later after they read it.

The farthest I’ve ever been able to track one of my releases was a book I left in an airport in the States that ended up in Greece, but who knows where my release, or yours if you join Bookcrossing, could end up!

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