The 14 Highest Rated Books Of 2015

Trigger Warning book coverGoodreads shared with BuzzFeed their 14 highest rated books of 2015, as voted on by members of Goodreads (I’m one, are you?) thus far this year.

Under the Fiction category I’ve already read The Secret Wisdom of the Earth and I want to read The Little Life. I haven’t read either book listed under Non-Fiction and probably won’t this year, nor do I read books in the Young Adult or Romance categories because they’re just not my things, you know?

I’ve read The Girl on the Train in the Mystery and Thriller category and I want to read The Stranger. I really want to read both A Darker Shade of Magic (short stories by the inimitable Neil Gaiman) under the Fantasy and Sci-Fi category and finally, I don’t have any interest in either book listed under the Historical Fiction category, though sometimes I do enjoy books of that genre.

Have you read any of these 14 highest rated books of 2015? Or are there any you see on the list that you’d like to read? Let me know in the comments.

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