Book Review – What Every Author Should Know

What Every Author Should Know coverThis is the first “How to” book for authors and those who want to be that I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot of them) that covers ALL of the bases involved in writing and publishing your book, from the nuts and bolts to the mindset of an author.

First, Ms. Vanasse offers her years of experience as both a writer and publisher to inquisitive writers and authors by exploring the three ways an author can be published; traditional, independent and a hybrid of each. Each step in each way is laid out with both the pros and cons of each path enumerated so that an author or aspiring author can make an informed decision.

In the second section promotion and marketing are discussed and while most writers want to concentrate on the creative side of the work, example after example is shown to make the point that the business side must be addressed as well, especially if you’re an unknown author that wants to have your book purchased and talked about. Everything from promotion by traditional publishers (less and less of that these days for new writers) to self-promotion in all its various incarnations (E-Newsletters, Social Media, Crowdfunding, etc.) are all presented for consideration. Not every way will work for everyone, but some ways will work for everyone.

The book finishes up with a section on mistakes authors can avoid and a final discussion of how to live the life of a writer or author. Humility and flexibility are two of the best ways to live that life.

This is a book I will be referring back to again and again and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in publishing their own book.

Full disclosure: I was provided a free copy of this ebook for review. The review is mine and is not influenced in any way by the provider.


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