Secret Passage Bookshelves

awesome_secret_passage325pxFrom the first time I was watching some old film (I can’t remember what it might have been, but I was young and the film was in black and white, so it’s been a while) where a secret passage was revealed behind a bookshelf, I have wanted to have one for myself. That was followed by watching the 1966-1968 Batman TV series and seeing a bookshelf in stately Wayne Manor slide back to reveal poles that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson would slide down to make their way to the Batcave beneath the mansion. 12-year old me wanted to live in a house where I could hide a secret passage behind a bookshelf. Who am I kidding? I still want to have a secret passage behind a bookshelf,

BookRiot recently posted “10 Drool Worthy Secret Passage Bookshelves” and they are right…I’m drooling.

Out of their list of 10, I believe the one pictured here is my favorite. A bookshelf that opens to reveal a room with more books and a stairway to a secret room; what could be better?


Which is your favorite?


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