Do You Listen To Audio Books?

audio_book200pxIf you’re reading this blog I assume you’re a reader of books, but my question today is “Do you listen to audio books?”

I have never listened to audio books and though I have often considered it, I really never thought I would do so. I know a lot of people use audio books on long drives, but I always thought I’d get so involved in listening to the story that I would have minimal attention on my driving. One writer who I follow on the web says that listening to audio books allows him to “read” a greater amount of authors and books AND saves him time because he listens while he is walking or driving, but again, for me, there is that worry about not being attentive to my surroundings. I mean, I get disconnected from this world easily enough when actually reading so I shudder to think how immersed I might get in listening to an audio book.

But yesterday over at BookRiot, Rachel Smalter posted that there are 5 books she wishes she had listened to the audio book version of sooner, rather than limiting herself to the printed books and I find myself once again considering that I should also give an audio book or two a try before saying definitively. Her point is that the “reading” experience itself is enhanced, so perhaps I need to set aside my arguments of using audio books to save time or worrying about being too distracted and just find one I like, sit down and listen.

Have you listened to audio books? If no, why not? If so, what was your experience?


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