Extroverted Or Introverted Writer?

I was reading my digital copy of February issue of The Writer magazine on my iPad this afternoon and came across this little quiz to determine if you are an extrovert or an introvert writer.


There was never any question for me; I know I’m an introvert.

My best writing comes when I am alone with no distractions. No people, no TV, no music (though sometimes I WILL listen to music to get the atmosphere of a scene or character I’m writing or even to mirror what I’m feeling myself), and no windows open on my laptop. That said, I have been trying to condition myself to block out distractions and write amidst noise, TV, people, etc. and I’m doing better because I can’t always guarantee I’ll have the solitude I find best to write in.

I’ve been to one small writer’s conference and I sat in the back and used it to learn, not network.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a networking event because I know better than to waste my time.

I’ve conducted one interview and I was only able to achieve a small level of comfort with myself because I thoroughly researched my subject and wrote out all my questions before interviewing him.

I’ve never participated in a team-writing contest, and seriously doubt I ever will. I view my writing as a solitary exercise and endeavor, not a community event, lol.

And of course, that Four Weddings and a Funeral quote is absolutely me.

Still, it was fun to confirm my introversion.


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