Dream Desks

“Butt in the chair” is one mantra that writers live by and are encouraged to follow. The idea being that you won’t get any writing done if your butt is not in the chair.

In my own home office I have a simple folding chair and basic desk with drawer and cabinet. Since moving there 3 ½ years ago, I have been working on the road a majority of the time and have not had much opportunity to do a lot of work in my office, so the simple, basic desk and chair have worked well. But when I think about spending a lot of time in my office writing, I think about upgrading my desk and chair to something more comfortable over the long haul.

Today, MakeUseOf.com had an article up entitled “6+ Cool Work Desks Every Freelancer Should Own” and they are some cool desks indeed. Out of all the desks they list, I am partial to the Focal Upright Workstation seen in the video below:

But what I really want to get is one that they don’t list in this article, the treadmill desk. I’ve started walking a lot to improve my health and being able to combine walking with research and or writing, or even pleasure reading or video viewing, would be a great way to combine what I want to do with what I need to do.

Maybe in the future the mantra “Butt in the chair” will become “Feet on the treadmill.”

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