The Mac is Back! (In a manner of speaking)

I’m enjoying my new MacBook Pro. This is the first time I have owned an Apple computer, though I used them a decade ago when I was doing graphic art work for Hard Rock Cafe. This MacBook Pro is lightyears beyond the Apple desktops I used back then.

The only problem I’m running into is getting used to the Mac OS commands and key strokes. They are much more intuitive than the Windows OS and, because of that, quickly become the default for your mind and fingers. I use Windows XP at work each day (no choice there) so now I have found myself trying to scroll down a page using the “2-finger” stroke on the touchpad, clicking the touchpad once to activate a link and other various Mac OS commands that just won’t work on Windows. Sometimes it can be amusing, sometimes it can be frustrating.

But after work, when I’m on my MacBook, it is pure enjoyment.

Any of my fellow writers have Apple/Mac OS tips they can offer to smooth out the workflow, or programs they might recommend as especially helpful to writers? I’d love to give them a try.

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