10 Great U.S. Libraries

We’re still observing National Library Week 2011. Whenever I travel, whether for work or pleasure,  I love to visit the local library of whatever town or city I am staying. Here’s an article from USAToday in which Rebecca Miller of Library Journal magazine shares ten of her favorite library locations.

I am sad to say that I have only visited one of these ten; the New York Public Library. I have always wanted to visit the Library of Congress, but on my one and only trip to Washington, D.C. I passed on a couple of places I hoped to visit in deference to  wanting my children to see other historical sites and the Library of Congress was one of those places on which I passed. I’m sure that some day I will get back there and if so I plan to spend as much time as I am able wandering through the Thomas Jefferson Building.

But I can see that I would love to visit ALL of the other libraries on Ms. Miller’s list and hopefully my personal or work-related travels will take me to each of them.

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