“Pedophile’s Guide” Ignites Controversy For Amazon

An author who availed himself of Amazon’s Self-Publishing Program has written an ebook entitled “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure” and the result has been a firestorm of controversy for the giant online retailer/publisher.

Is this a freedom of speech issue or does a book about this kind of reprehensible behavior deserve censorship?

When I checked at 6:45pm today there were 1,085 1 star ratings (Amazon does not have any lower rating, so people use the 1 star rating to make a point of disapproval) and 517 comments that appear to all be calling for the book to be removed from Amazon, with many promising to boycott Amazon until such time as it is removed.

As a writer myself, I naturally chafe at the thought of anyone censoring my words, but I can also understand the passion this subject engenders. For some people this is a clear-cut issue, for others it may not be. What are your thoughts?

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