Congratulations Cindy! 35 Years With The Mouse

Today marks Cindy’s 35th anniversary of working for the Walt Disney Company. I am just in awe of someone who can stay with the same employer for all those years. Cindy began working for Disney, shortly after the Magic Kingdom opened, as a ride attendant. Today she works in the corporate offices in Celebration. She is the greatest!

When she got to work today her co-workers had her work area all decorated with balloons, streamers, signs, etc. Here she is holding a sign they had placed by the elevators so that everyone would know it was her anniversary.

And here is a photo of the statue/plaque she was awarded. Disney marks certain milestone years of work with character statues. The one for 35 years is Pinocchio. Cindy already has Tinkerbell, Jiminy Cricket and the Magic Kingdom Castle adorning our wall book shelf.

I am so proud of my wife! She works hard and does her best at work to embody the philosophy that the late Walt Disney started the Disney Parks with; “My business is making people, especially children, happy.” She richly deserves the recognition of the Walt Disney Company and her co-workers.

Congratulations my love!!

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