Florida Exodus

This week’s issue of Time Magazine has a small article about how the ongoing exodus of residents from Florida has resulted in the first negative net loss in state population in over 6 decades.

“…between 2008 and 2009…Florida as a whole lost 58,000. That’s not exactly a mass exodus for a state of 18 million; but it’s the first net outflow in 63 years…”

In a little less than 6 months, Cindy and I will add to that negative outflow when we move to our cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. Frankly, other than missing our family and friends, the move cannot come too soon for us. We both are looking SO forward to leaving the Sunscreen State and all its myriad problems to enjoy our lives in the mountains. No place is perfect and I know that a lot of our impressions of where we are going are based on our experiences as visitors, but even if that life turns out to be 10 times worse than we imagine, it will be 100 times better than living in the Suncrime State.

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