Sheepback Mountain Cabin Progress III

We’re very fortunate to have our realtor, our contractor, Art who visits from Orlando and Rebecca in the Maggie Valley, North Carolina area to keep us updated with photos of the cabin on Sheepback Mountain as it’s in the process of being built. The three of them have been kind enough to capture various stages of our dream as it becomes real and we are very grateful.

Just to update you a bit; after talking with the road-naming officials we discovered we could not have our little road named either Mountain Creek Trail or Enchanted Forest Drive (nor any variation of those) since there are already an abundance of streets and roads with similar names. We submitted several other possible names we would like and were told that Candlemaker Trail (in recognition of Cindy’s business, Mountain Creek Candles) was acceptable and so the official petition has gone out to the other 5 owners whose land touches the road. We need three of them to sign off as having no objection and then the road will officially be named.

Here are some photos that Rebecca took this past Sunday. As you can see, the outer walls of the basement are up now and our little cabin is taking shape.

This first photo shows the view from the top of our property and what I call the “REAL” road (an already named, and graveled road that our property touches) looking down on the property. The road you see in front of the cabin basement walls (below the trees and nearest to you) is what we hope will be named Candlemaker Trail. We were happy to see how sunny the cabin area is (though sorry to lose the trees that had to be cleared for it) since we’re hoping to use solar panels on the metal roof to cut our electrical costs.

This next photo is from the top of the road we hope will become Candlemaker Trail looking down on the basement walls. The area around the wall nearest you and to the right will be backfilled at some point in the construction, leaving only the driveway side on the left and the farthest side which faces the creek below open and visible. Inside the basement, the right half will be Cindy’s candle and incense shop where she will create her wondrous wares. As you can see, she has a door leading out to the creek and, for when the weather is inhospitable, a window next to the door to look out to the creek. The left half will be our one-car garage and a utility room. Stairs from the first floor will come down right in the middle and there will be a wall dividing the candle shop from the garage.

The last 2 photos are taken from the driveway and garage entrance. On the right, out of frame, is what we hope will be Candlemaker Trail and on the left, out of view because of the steepness of the land, is the creek that flows through the property. The pile of wood on the left is most likely the framing for the ceiling of the basement and the floor of the first floor. The cabin will have 2 floors above the basement, so even though the footprint is small because we did not want to disturb any more of the land than necessary, the actual square footage of living space will be more than enough for the two of us and any family or friends that visit and stay for a while. As an added bonus, the view from our upper porch area facing the mountains to the south should be spectacular, especially in the fall and winter when the trees are bare of leaves.

Cindy and I are very excited to see the work being accomplished and thankful to our friends for making sure we have photos to look at since we can’t be there.

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