Twitter Abbreviations

This past Thursday was a difficult day for users of Twitter. The service went down early in the morning due to a Denial Of Service attack that left most of us wondering for the first few hours why tweets seemed so slow or even just non-existent.

Tweeting is fun, but sometimes that 140 character limit can make it difficult to get your message across. Sometimes you need to use a lot of abbreviations to fit everything in; but what if you don’t know what abbreviations will make sense and which ones will leave people scratching their heads? Or what if you’re reading a tweet with a lot of abbreviations that leave YOU scratching your head?

Thankfully, PR Cog’s Gear Grinding blog has a post entitled PRCog’s Basic Guide To Butchering English For 140 Chars… with all the helpful information you’ll need to either use or understand abbreviations in tweets.

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