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Is it really August already? Where has the year gone? Sitting here, typing on my Magic Box, it seems incredible that 2009 is two-thirds gone.

I’ve spent the bulk of my day nursing a bad back, sitting against a heating pad and taking pain meds, all to no avail. The bright side is that I’ve been able to make a slight dent in the mound of books and magazines that need to be read. I got to finish one of the four books Cindy’s mom and dad gave me for my birthday and started on a second one.

Tomorrow I have an appointment for lab tests at 7:15am and then an eye doctor appointment at 2pm. The good thing about this back pain is that it only hurts when I move, so I should be able to get a full night’s sleep like I did last night.

I have been trying for the past few years to simplify my life by removing some material things and paring down some other material parts of my life. One of the nice side effects of this planned move next Spring is that it has provided a further opportunity to look at something and decide if it should remain in my possession or not. It has felt good to scrape off some of the barnacles of belongings that have accumulated and declutter my life a bit.

Is anyone else in Central Florida with G-mail having an issue with Brighthouse failing to deliver e-mails to addresses? I first discovered this problem a couple of weeks ago when I thought my daughter (who has a address) was ignoring my e-mails when she didn’t reply to an e-mail I sent her. Turns out neither she nor my son-in-law were receiving e-mails I sent from my G-mail account to either of their addresses. Then today I discovered a co-worker of mine who lives in Winter Park and also has a address was not receiving my G-mail e-mails either, even when I was replying to the e-mail she sent to me! Anyone know what’s up with that?

Thinking about re-designing my site, but then again I may just wait and get the urge to play with design out of my system when I move to Maggie Valley and start a new, local blog. That would be in addition to this site and blog. Maybe “The Maggie Valley Masked Blogger” lol. Nah, that’s just an inside joke; I’ve actually already decided on the name, but since I haven’t bought the domain name yet I don’t want to mention it.

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One Response to This And That

  1. Georgie says:

    Yes, time does fly…
    Sorry to hear about your back. I know how that is. When it’s angry at you, you can’t do ANYTHING. I hope you’re feeling like new very soon.
    As for the simplifying, I’ve done so as well. I figured either someone else could use it or, if a disaster were to strike, it could be gone in an instant anyway. I started a few years ago. Now, I’m down to (pretty much) the basics and I like it.

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