Putting The “F” In Friday

What a day!

I began the day by getting my teeth cleaned at 8am. What a great way to start your day; having expert practitioners in the ancient art of medieval torture perform their hideous acts of pain and suffering upon your poor defenseless mouth.

At the same time, Cindy was getting her driver’s license renewed for 8 years even though the plan is that we’ll only be here in Florida for another 8 months. Here was the funny (not) thing for her. They would not let her renew online and mail her license to her, insisting via a message in a postcard that she must show herself in person at the DMV office with a Social Security card, proof of her residential address (does the postcard they mailed to her count?) and her birth certificate or valid U.S. passport. My assumption, judging from what I had read in the news, was that these things were required to verify her identity and be sure she was not some kind of terrorist (they could have just ASKED me) and that is a good thing in these days. Right?

Instead, they tested her vision and hearing, took her picture and $26, and gave her a new license without ever requiring her to produce the documents they had insisted she bring. I feel so much safer.

We had a nice breakfast at Perkins (except for the part where they brought me the wrong order and I had to watch Cindy eat hers while I waited, empty place setting, in front of her until they brought the right order out 10 minutes later), stopped at the post office to mail some paperwork to my employer and then picked up some specialty boxes for framed paintings and pictures from the storage place. From there we stopped by Petsmart for some things for the critters and the went home where the real fun began.

We spent most of the day getting more things packed for storage or to give to Goodwill or to toss in the trash. I ask myself this every time, but HOW did we accumulate so much STUFF???? I made a trip with a full truck to Goodwill and a trip with a full truck to storage and filled our “hobo” with garbage, but we finally finished what we needed. Which was to have the hallway and my office ready for my fantastic son-in-law to come and paint this weekend. I got all the holes in the walls puttied up and sanded down to try and make the painting part go as quickly as possible.

My back is killing me, lol.

Then we paid (thankfully, only) $3.99 to watch “Knowing” on our Pay Per View. What a crappy, stinky, lousy ending. That doesn’t even count the messed up stuff during the course of the movie, I was somehow able to overlook that. But bad endings leave a bad taste in your mouth about the entire experience.

Tomorrow will be a better day. This one was an “F.”

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