Training Update

It’s Wednesday evening and we had a very full, productive and enlightening day in class. In fact, so far the entire three days of class have been excellent. We have good instructors (three returning from my basic course 18 months ago and one new one from HQ) and a good well-rounded mix of twenty attendees. Out of those twenty I have serious doubts as to why three of them are in the class and why their regions paid good money to send them, but I could always be spectacularly wrong. It has happened. Anyway, that’s all I’ll say about that.

I had a really funny story to tell about one of my classmates, but the more I thought about it the more I decided I shouldn’t because someone from the class (or the classmate himself) might read it and be hurt. Man, I need to lose my principles!

The highlight of our day was the mock briefing we were required to give to the top person when we are deployed. For our purposes, it’s akin to giving the President of the United States a briefing report. Not something to be taken lightly. There were three of the instructors playing the role in separate rooms and the cool thing was they allowed us to pick the instructor to whom we wanted to give our briefing. I chose the one that I thought was the toughest and by that I mean;

1. Most experienced
2. Most qualified to critique my briefing
3. Most likely to be completely honest with me
4. Most likely to hold me to a higher standard

At the conclusion of my briefing she asked me what I thought I had done wrong and right and I answered. She looked at me and said, “It seems obvious that you have done this many times” and I chuckled and replied, “No ma’am, I’ve never given such a briefing, but thank you.” I was then allowed to ask her questions and she gave me a wealth of information in a few short moments before the next student arrived to give his briefing.

A good day!

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