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One of the things I really enjoy about my new iPhone is that the ease of downloading podcasts through iTunes has finally managed to make listening to them something that I am really into now. My daily 30 minute drive from my hotel to the office and return trip in the evening is time well-spent as I listen to programs of interest to me. Although I usually read at lunch time, I’ve begun listening to podcasts too

Here’s my first impressions on some of the initial batch of podcasts on various subjects I downloaded and listened to over the past 2 weeks.

I really enjoy Mignon Fogarty’s podcasts, Behind the Grammar and Quick and Dirty Tips For Better Writing. Mignon is the author of a helpful little book titled Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, but her podcasts are what a lot of people are familiar with. Three reasons I like her podcasts; First, she talks about some timely, informative aspects of grammar, writing and language that always leave me feeling like my time listening to her was well-spent. Second, she has some great guests and interviews with writers and people in the writing field. Third, it’s her name, man! How could you NOT like someone named Mignon?

Chris Marquardt’s Tips From the Top Floor photography podcast is emerging as one of my favorites in the photography field. His podcasts are short, usually confined to one subject and he gives clear, concise, easy to understand information. I’ve listened to three of his podcasts so far and all have been very informative.

Barnes & Noble Meet the Writers Podcast – the one I listened to was a very good interview with C. J. Box.

The Word Balloon podcast by John Siuntres
– I listened to a lot of crappy comic book podcasts before finding this gem. I’ve listened to two podcasts and they were both excellent interviews with writers Greg Rucka and Katherine Immonem. I’m looking forward to the 2-parter with Brian Michael Bendis.

I’m exploring other podcasts in the genres above and a few other subject matter areas, so I might drop another post in here sometime in the future to give you my opinion on any other good ones I find.

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