“Thriller” In Lexington

Last Thursday night the Mecca Dance Studio, a 200-student dance school in Lexington, KY, performed their version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video in Cheapside Park near downtown Lexington as a tribute to the late artist. After getting off work, I drove downtown to see what I might see. I got to take a few dozen photos (though only a handful are viewer-worthy) which you can see by going to my Flickr site here.

I also had the opportunity to use my iPhone 3G S to take some video for the first time. I’ve embedded it below and I didn’t think it was all that bad, but I DO wish the iPhone 3G S had some zoom capability. The paper mache Michael is kind of creepy, but the performance was good and everyone on “stage” obviously had a good time. As you can see, the crowd filled the park area.

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