Going To See “Jersey Boys”

When I first arrived here 2 weeks ago, my immediate boss said something about going to see “Jersey Boys” while it was being performed here in Atlanta at The Fox Theater. Before I left Orlando there were ads on TV for their current performance run at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre and I had thought that if I was home I’d like to take Cindy and go see the show. Then when I got called up here I put it out of my mind. That was, until I found out they would be performing shows here in Atlanta while I was in town. I mentioned to my boss that I’d love to see them as well.

My boss capitalized on my interest in going by having me do all the “leg work” of finding the best seats on nights that a group of us could go, which eventually turned out to be Saturday, June 13th, the 8pm show with four of us going. We bought the tickets today, putting them all on my boss’ credit card so she could get the points. That’s why she’s the boss.

By the way, Ticketmaster has a REAL racket going and they certainly don’t make it easy to buy tickets. Between the high “convenience” charge, the facility charge and the “delivery charge” ($2.50 so you can print your own ticket using your ink and your printer!) it feels like a mob shakedown. In addition to that you have to jump through hoops to actually purchase a ticket, by filling in verification forms and being forced to fill in order information under the gun of a timer clock that will release your ticket choice back to the system if you don’t complete the order in the amount of time they give you. Talk about performance anxiety! But, since we all work 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week, no one has the time to go in person to make the purchase so we had no choice. Still, paying an extra $16.50 above the price of each ticket seems somewhat exorbitant and, given ANY other choice, I will always bypass Ticketmaster.

Anyway, our entourage consists of my immediate boss here in the office, her immediate boss here in the office, our boss from the regional office and me, the only male in the group. You can be sure that I’ll be angling for the seat at the end of our group.I tried to get my friend and co-worker Valerie to go, but she would have none of it. So I’m on my own with management.

But, as a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons fan, I’m definitely looking forward to the show.

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