You Never Know

As a sort of “break” today our department head arranged for some food at lunch time and a bit of learning entertainment.

Yesterday, she asked everyone to put something about themselves that no one else would know on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Today, she passed out the envelopes and asked the holder to read its contents and then we would all try to guess who had written what was in the envelope.

I had to go through this once before when I was working in Florida. As a lark, I lied and wrote that I had 6 toes on my right foot, counting on the belief that no one would ask me to remove my shoe and sock to prove it. No one did, lol.

But this time I decided to go ahead and participate, mostly because I like my immediate boss and did not want to embarrass her. So I wrote something that was true about me, but not known to my co-workers.

Anyway, there were about 30 of us who were in the office during the festivities and it was kind of amazing to learn how very talented, accomplished and possessed of interesting experiences so many of our staff are. And as is usually the case, it’s the most unassuming who have done some of the most astounding things.

One of our members was a survivor of September 11, working in one of the Twin Towers for an investment firm at the time. One had been to the deserts of Algiers on a humanitarian mission in the heat of summer. One is an accomplished jazz keyboardist, one a published authoress, one a former hockey team mascot who performed in full costume, and many many others.

I felt sort of embarrassed about what I had written, when held up in comparison to all these amazing folks.

Because honestly, if you looked at these people as you passed them on the street or in the hallways of our offices and you did not know them, you would never guess that such unassuming looking people would or could have accomplished such things.

You never know.

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