Not My Fault

The lack of a post here yesterday was NOT my fault. The Internet connection went down in my hotel so I couldn’t even post the Cheese Grater Slide photo, but that was just as well.

Most of yesterday was spent on the road, driving from Atlanta to Tifton, a 3-hour drive, then taking part in a 3-hour meeting and giving a presentation to several congressional staff members, then driving back to Atlanta, another 3-hour drive. So I was pretty worn out by the time I got back into town. I grabbed some dinner, came back to the hotel to discover no Internet connection, then watched “Lost” and hit the sack.

Today I spent all day in the office, but as I said to Cindy in a text message, my “hair was on fire” with all the work I was trying to get done. That’s usually typical at the beginning of these deployments. I was so busy I didn’t even get to leave the building for lunch.

One “plus” about this assignment is that our offices are located in a 12-story professional office complex. A much nicer and more work-conducive atmosphere than the usual places in which we set up camp. In the lower lobby of this building is a small cafe that serves sandwiches, salads and drinks. I went down there for lunch today and Mario, the owner working behind the counter made me think I was in a scene from an old SNL episode with the late John Belushi shouting, “Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Pepsi!” in a heavily accented voice, except this guy was shouting “Reuben! Club Sandwich! Turkey! You like turkey! Is good!” in a heavily accented voice.

But he was right, the turkey sandwich WAS good, lol. Even if I did have to eat it at my desk while working on reports.

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