Thoughts On Wallpaper

Can I just say I hate wallpaper? Not the nice digital kind you find on your computer monitor, but the awful, creepy, horrible kind you find on the walls of your home.

Cindy and I have been saying for 12 1/2 years that we were going to remove the wallpaper that the previous owners had hung in the guest bathroom. We never liked the pattern or even HAVING wallpaper on the walls. But that’s all we did for 12 1/2 years; talk about it, threaten to do it, think about doing it and plan to do it.

Today all the talking, threatening, thinking and planning came to an end. Since we are on sort of an accelerated schedule for trying to get the house ready to put it on the market, my “honey do” list has grown and the need to finish it has become more imminent. A couple of weeks ago while home, I built and hung new doors on our storage shed. Yesterday I painted them and worked on replacing the fan blades on the ceiling fan in our bedroom. And we’ve had two separate contractors come out and offer estimates on the projects that I either do not have the knowledge and/or tools to complete successfully. But we’re trying to do all that we can ourselves to economize the process.

In all my life I have never hung or removed, until today, wallpaper. Cindy and I took a crash course via the Internet and a “wallpaper removal” kit sold at Lowe’s. We started early this morning and finally had to stop when I broke the scorer that is used to perforate the paper so that the glue dissolving liquid you spray on it can soak through. We were probably 3/4 of the way through the paper removal process when that happened, so I already know how I’ll be spending part of Saturday.

Part of what made the removal so difficult is that the previous owners never bothered to prime the drywall before gluing the wallpaper. That means that once I’ve completely finished removing the paper and scraping the drywall of leftover glue and paper, I’ll have to do some patching before we can actually paint the damn walls.

Thanks, you lazy b@$t@rd$! I hate you and your wallpaper! LOL

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