And Then There Was One…

Last week while I was home for a few days, Cindy and I followed the next step in “The North Carolina Project” and did some car trading.

We knew, from painful experience, that we will need a 4WD vehicle to navigate the mountain roads. We also knew that we will need either a small truck or a small 4WD SUV so that Cindy will be able to cart her candles and incense around to various craft shows, farmer’s markets and businesses in the mountains.

For a while now we have had a truck that I drive when I am home and a small, fuel-efficient car that Cindy drives back and forth to work every day. With me being gone more and more, the truck was just sitting in the driveway costing us insurance coverage money 6 days a week and the monthly loan payment. Cindy would use it on Sundays to take her wares to the Eola Market, but otherwise it would sit idle a great deal of the time.

We have also been taking steps to reduce our monthly expenditures so that we would be able to put money toward our cabin construction loan. Given the above facts, it seemed obvious that we could accomplish some savings by having just one vehicle loan payment and our insurance costs would be reduced as well.

So, last Friday we traded in both the truck and the car for a 2008 Kia Sportage. It has the 4WD power we need, as well as the cargo space Cindy will require, with the small environmental impact that we want.

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