Wrapping Up Here In Kentucky

Today is my last full day in Kentucky. First thing this morning I’ll drive to a meeting with a congressional staffer and the mayor of a city in that congressman’s district. I won’t get back to my office until sometime between 2 and 3pm. Then I will take care of several check-out procedures and processes, turn in my laptop, cellphone and printer, and hopefully get out of the office between 5 and 6pm.

Since my flight home leaves so early tomorrow morning, the rental car counter won’t be open. Although I could drop the car and keys and let them send me the paperwork (which I’ve done before), I’m never comfortable with that. Instead, since I drive by the airport every day going to and from work, I’m going to drop the car off after work when the counter is still open and then have the hotel shuttle take me back to my temporary home on the road. I’ll use the same hotel shuttle to leave for the airport Saturday morning at 4:45am.

Have I mentioned I’m NOT a morning person?

But, I always prefer to catch the earliest flight out, especially if there is a connecting flight to make, so that I don’t get caught up in the typical late morning to late afternoon back up air traffic delays or weather issues. Although this Saturday morning the forecast is for severe thunderstorms when my flight is supposed to take off from Lexington for Atlanta. Figures, doesn’t it? LOL

As always, or at least with as with most assignments, I have enjoyed my time, seen some new part of this great country of ours, learned some new things and made some new acquaintances in my professional life. All in all, it has been a great experience.

But now, I’m looking forward to seeing my wife, family and friends and celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary with a special surprise for Cindy.

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