It’s An Adventure – Or A Disaster In The Making

Well, much faster than I expected, our construction loan to build the Sheepback Mountain cabin in Maggie Valley was approved this morning.

This blog’s title reflects the differing viewpoints Cindy and I have. I wonder which belongs to who?

Damn bank, lol.

Now I’m being a bit overly dramatic because it’s not really a disaster in the making, hopefully, but I have my concerns in this current economic climate. And don’t think that Cindy and I have not talked out all of both our mutual and individual concerns with each other. We have. Sometimes very emotionally and painfully. So what I write here is not new to her. In the end we both want this, we just had different timetables in mind and we have tried to compromise in order to see this come to pass.

And now it begins. We’ll most likely make our final decision on which floor plan/cabin style will be built during a conference call this Saturday with our builder. Permits will be pulled in April. We will start excavating for the basement in May, I believe, and we’ve been told to expect 10 months to a year for construction to be complete. While that is going on and we try to build from 600 miles away (but we have a good contractor), in Orlando we’ll be continuing to get our home ready to sell. We already remodeled the bathroom in the master bedroom , but we still have to replace some floor covering, some decorative exterior wood, repaint some rooms and move many of our belongings into storage when it comes time to show the house. This has to be done while Cindy works and I am (hopefully) on the road working, so we’ll have that difficulty to deal with. Oh, and we’ll be trading in both our car and truck in the next few months for a 4 wheel drive vehicle that we’ll need to navigate the mountainous roads in North Carolina.

If Cindy is laid off in the next round of right-sizing, we’ll have to adjust our schedule accordingly, which won’t be fun.

But, so far, things have worked out as and when they needed to and I hope that continues. And if they don’t, well we’ll deal with that too. We always do.

I REALLY hope the house sells for a good amount. That will make me feel better.

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