Death Of A Hard Drive

Tuesday morning the hard drive on my work laptop bit the dust. I tried to boot up and it kept stalling during the VPN connection process. I tried 3 separate times to re-boot (with the same hanging up results) before calling over IT. They worked on it for a while and eventually declared the hard drive to be “non-responsive” and let me know I’d have to turn that one in and go get a new one issued to me. I was asked if I had much data on that one that I would need.

Fortunately, I back up my work on my own personal flash drive and on the network common drive. Except for one thing.

“Can you try and salvage my .pst file? I have work-related e-mail that I really, really would rather not lose.”

“We’ll try, but it doesn’t look hopeful.”

It was better than “No way, Jose!”, especially since my name is not Jose.

So, I was 2 hours late just getting started working that morning, by the time they decided “it was dead, Jim” (again, NOT my name but you know how IT people are) and I got my new (new to me) laptop. The .pst file was a different matter. It was another 6 hours (4pm) before the tech returned, but they were successful in retrieving my .pst file. After a short import function, all my e-mail files were sitting back in my respective mailbox folders and I was a smiling drone.

Now I’m wondering if I should get in the habit of backing up my .pst file to my flash drive every evening before shutting down.

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