My Exciting Day Off

Last Sunday I slept in until almost noon. Between just being tired from the long hours at work and fighting off whatever this is that was causing my glands in my throat to swell up, I really needed the rest even though I felt like I let half the day go to waste.

It was incredibly cold outside and a few snow flurries were still falling from the night before, but I was hungry and wanted something that would “stick to my ribs”, which meant that the nearby Panera, though they have excellent soup and sandwiches, was out. I took a shower, dressed warmly and then walked across the 4 lane highway in front of the hotel over to the Bob Evans Restaurant.

I’ve never been to a Bob Evans Restaurant in my life. I’ve lived near them and driven by them countless times in the last 25 years, but never darkened their doorway until Sunday afternoon when I decided they would have the hot, substantial kind of meals for which my stomach was growling.

So I don’t know what the rest of their establishments are like in comparison to this one in Lexington, but this was a nice place. It was clean, bright and cheery and sort of reminded me of a Perkins Restaurant near our home in Orlando. They DID have those hot, substantial meals I was searching for, though I ended up altering my growling gut’s demands a bit.

For some reason I was really in the mood for some pot roast and vegetables, but both of their pot roast dinners had substantial amounts of mashed potatoes, something I neither care for nor can eat in large amounts even if I DID like them. As I kept looking through the menu and telling myself to order one and just skip the potatoes (which is SO against my natural inclination not to waste food – ask Cindy), I spied a pot roast with carrots and onions SANDWICH on grilled sourdough. I ordered it and it was delicious.

Walking back across the highway with the ice cold wind blowing like it wanted to rip my coat off my body and quick-freeze me, I knew I was not going to want to leave the hotel room the rest of the day. So I stopped in at the Panera and bought a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup, a Sierra Turkey sandwich, an apple and one of their new granola/yogurt parfaits for dinner.

After putting dinner in the mini-fridge I spent the rest of the day doing some reading and writing (though not nearly as much as I had planned) and just lazing around the room, before eating my dinner (that granola/yogurt parfait was a surprisingly good dessert!) then lying in bed watching some of the Oscars before falling fast asleep.

Riveting, I know.

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