Semper Gumby

I was so tired and distracted last night when I posted my previous entry that I completely forgot to write about the reason for the title “Always Flexible” so I’ll remedy that now.

One of my co-workers sent an e-mail about how crazy things were and that, as our unofficial motto states, we must be flexible and he signed off with the words “Semper Gumby.” I meant to tie that at the end of my post to the title and it completely slipped my mind until I was lying in bed about to go to sleep.

Now you are fully informed.

Moved into our new building/offices this morning. I moved my stuff from the old location at 6:30 this morning and drove the 4 miles or so to the new building while it was still dark. That caused a bit of a problem when I was able to get out for lunch later in the daylight because I didn’t recognize anything in the light. I uploaded the pics below to TwitPic (see, if you were following me on Twitter you would have seen them before reading this) after a couple of hours in the building. As you can see, there is still a lot of moving-in going on. But by lunch time most everyone was moved in and pretty much up and running.

We’re not freezing, we have plenty of room, both organizationally and personally, and we’re closer to lots of places to eat. That’s important when your work day is 13 hours long and you’ve got to eat three meals in close proximity to the office.

Speaking of freezing, the temperature here in Frankfort has started to rise and today would not have been bad if the wind had not been so brisk. Forecast is for the area to eventually reach the low 60’s by the middle of the week and I can’t believe I actually think that is warm but I do after the -1 degree morning we had a few days ago. It’s all relative, right? The only downside of the warmer temps is that they will be accompanied by days and nights full of rain. We are worried that the melting snow and ice, combined with the new rains, may pose a threat of flooding in this region.

The wi-fi signal in my current hotel is still hit and miss…with more miss than hit. Rather than fight it over and over trying to get this post uploaded, I’ve stopped at Panera for dinner and to use their wi-fi signal so you can read my wonderful words. LOL.

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