Always Flexible

We got word today that our temporary operational HQ here in Frankfort will be moving to a new location about 2 miles away on Saturday. We’ve been temporarily set up in a facility on a military installation and while they have been very gracious, the building (more like a storage warehouse) is not meant to be used by living, breathing, feeling people so it is not well-heated or insulated. Almost all of us typically work with our jackets, sweaters or coats on. My work area is on an outside wall, so it seems even colder to me. So much so that I’m always happy to have a reason to print something on the laser printer so I can feel the warmth of the copies in my hands. What little heat they do have is only on from 8am to 5pm, so we are usually extremely cold between 7-8am and 5-8pm.

It’s very difficult to type with gloves on your hands and the knit cap makes my head itch, LOL.

Unfortunately the reality is that there are residents here who are still waiting for power, so it feels ridiculous to even talk about our cold working situation.

Our new “home” is really new, modern and up-to-date which helps make the work process flow faster, since you don’t have to make so many adjustments and work-arounds to get a job done like you do in an older facility. For instance, my “file drawer” is a stack on my desk…and it ain’t getting smaller. Our facilities folks, knowing we would be moving to the new location, have not been anxious to bring in equipment, so we’ve scraped by as best we can. Having an equipped office will help us do our job of helping folks.

I mentioned in the previous post that I was scheduled to leave here Friday for the western part of the state but we have altered (Surprise, surprise, surprise) that now and pushed it back to a possible Monday departure. At least I can stop living out of the suitcase for a few days and actually hang some clothes up. In fact, as I was discussing it with my supervisor today, it seems that we really should re-examine the plan and perhaps scrap it for the time being. So I may stay here in Frankfort to work out of our new office.

And by the way, this hotel is nice but it’s Internet connection is off and on like fireflies.

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