Saying Goodbye to Missouri

I’ll be boarding my flight at 8am this morning (barring any weather-related issues) to wing my way non-stop to Orlando. I enjoyed my time here, as far as work goes. Did some new stuff, got an excellent evaluation, saw some old co-workers and made some new contacts.

The weather was another matter. Cold, snow, sleet, and ice are fun…from the inside of a warm hotel or office. I must be getting more careful in my old age because I didn’t slip on ice the entire trip, unlike my less-fortunate co-worker who slipped on ice yesterday morning at the airport and injured her arm. And as I twittered one morning sitting in my freezing car waiting for the heater to warm it up, “I am SO over having to scrape ice and snow off my car every day!!” lol. But of course that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t come back if called. I would just be sure to bring woolen long underwear and insulated gloves like Cindy encouraged me to do when I left Florida.

I’ll hit the ground running when I arrive in Mickeyville. Lunch, a haircut, a short nap and off to Arabian Nights for a dinner show compliments of my step-son. I’ll post photos later. After that our days are filled right up to Santa’s Big Day, but we’re hoping to squeeze a little time to ourselves in somewhere during those days.

In the meantime; goodbye cold, snow, sleet, ice and Missouri.

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