I’m In Hockey Country

The rain started about 6pm tonight and I got wet when I went out about 8pm to watch my boss play in a pick-up hockey game and take some photos of the game. Although they were playing in a rink, I knew it would be cold. I just didn’t expect it to be almost as cold as it was outside. But at least it wasn’t raining in the rink. I wore my long underwear leggings, T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, lined windbreaker with hood and my heavy winter jacket and was still cold. My Florida blood is too thin for this, lol.

Due to the rain it has, of course, been wet outside and the roads were starting to get a little slick and slippery. I imagine by tomorrow morning there will be some ice. Snow is forecast for later tonight and all day tomorrow and perhaps part of Monday morning. If they’re right, we shouldn’t get more than 1-2 inches. I hope they’re right.

Anyway, here’s one of my shots from tonight. I took almost 500 but a quick scan through them tells me I’ll only end up keeping a small fraction of those 500. A lot of them are garbage but it’s ok, I learned some things tonight while shooting the game that will help me do better in the future.

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