I Just Go Where My GPS Tells Me

So I had some meetings to go to again today and since we were opening an assistance center near one of my meeting locations, I decided that I would drop by and see how things were going there on opening day.

I plugged the address into my GPS and headed for my destination. In due course, the charming voice (which pronounces “Missouri” as “Misery”) informed me, “Arriving at destination ahead on right.” Nothing unusual about that, it’s what she always says when I reach the address I have entered, the only change being if it is on the left or right side of the road. Except this time the destination I had arrived at was…

…a huge cemetery.

Nothing else was in sight as far as the eye could see, taking into account hills and curves, just a big plot of land filled with gravestones.

I had a fleeting thought that perhaps I had died and was just too ignorant to realize it, so the universe was trying to get it through my now dead thick skull that I was no longer among the living by using my GPS to deliver the message (there’s a good story device in there), but it seemed to me if that were the case then the voice would have sounded deeper, raspier and more sinister.

Fortunately, all turned out well, at least on the possible death score. For whatever reason, even though I plugged in 725 as the street number (yes, I checked) the GPS had mistakenly tried to deliver me to 925 and by driving another mile or so down the road I finally arrived at the correct location.

But wouldn’t it be something if, when you pass from this plane of existence, a voice dutifully informed you that you were, “Arriving at destination ahead” like the Disney monorail or the airport tram?

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