Meetings In Missouri

Spent yesterday driving to St. Louis for some meetings and then back to Jefferson City. I had hoped to see the Arch and take some photos, but ran out of time. It’s really a shame when your work gets in the way of your leisure activities, isn’t it? LOL

We did, however, at my co-worker’s insistence, have time for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory located at one of the area’s upscale malls, the Galleria. This was my first time eating at a Cheesecake Factory and I have to admit, the chicken Quesadilla I had was delicious. The waitress seemed truly confused when I declined to have their signature dish for dessert. I guess most people go there to enjoy the dessert and the entree is just incidental to reaching that point in the meal.

Then last night my laptop decided it needed to perform a 5 hour disk check of my 500GB external drive and I just could not stay up long enough to wait for it to finish so I could post an entry. It woke me up 2 hours after I went to bed when it rebooted and I heard the familiar Windows tones signaling a startup. It had tried to perform the scan the night before and I stopped the process, so I felt like I should let it finish…I just didn’t expect it to take so long.

Since I couldn’t write, for the blog or otherwise, I took the time to start reading a new novel I brought from home with me.

We had a heat wave here yesterday. The high was 57. Today it was 36 and tonight the low will be 13. No snow in the forecast yet, but one local TV station’s meteorologist thought we might have a few snow flurries on Saturday morning. If we do I won’t know because hopefully I’ll be sleeping in (though now that I’ve mentioned that it might snow I’m sure Cindy will ask me to get up and take pictures, lol).

Today I spent the afternoon at the State Capitol here in Jefferson city. Luckily I was inside most of the time because, in addition to the near freezing high, we had very strong winds that made the cold cut through you like a knife. I’m glad I brought my thermal underwear and I am continually thankful for the nice winter jacket that Cindy’s parents gave me for our trip to Scotland 2 1/2 years ago. It has kept me so nice and warm when I’ve been out walking in the elements here. I regularly wear my insulated gloves (because my hands, along with my feet, are the first part of me that gets cold) and though I haven’t worn it yet, I also have my black knit cap with me.

Anyway, I took a few minutes to brave the cold and wind so I could shoot a few photos of the State Capitol building and some surrounding edifices. Here’s one of the capitol, and you can see what a cold, gray day it was. Click on the picture for a larger version.

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