Saying “Goodbye” To Iowa

Today is my last full day in the Hawkeye state. Our mandate is that we “Work ourselves out of a job” and I am told that I have admirably accomplished that goal. Barring any unforeseen changes, I will not be returning here after my already scheduled trip home tomorrow for a break.

So today I will be cleaning out my office, returning all my equipment and saying my farewells around the Cedar Falls office. I then have to go be part of a couple of last-minute training video shoots (Brad Pitt should have NO concerns whatsoever) in some nearby cities before I drive to Des Moines to spend the night prior to my 6am flight out tomorrow morning.

My flight plan calls for a short trip to Chicago, a layover of an hour, and then straight to Orlando where I’m scheduled to arrive around noon. I think I’ve mentioned before that, aside from the hideous aspect of getting up so early, I always prefer to catch the earliest possible flights to avoid the inevitable delays that stack up as the day progresses. Flying these days is distasteful enough as it is without having additional time spent on the runway or in the terminal because of weather/equipment or general incompetence delays.

I am flying United for the first time, so I hope my friend Michelle is right when she rates them as an “OK” airline to fly. When I flew up here almost 3 months ago our contract air carrier was American and that entire flight was a comedy of errors.

Cindy and I will be leaving Sunday to spend a week camping in the mountains of western North Carolina, then I’ll return home for a week to catch up on all those things that get postponed when you’re on the road (and hopefully relax a bit) before making myself available for a new assignment.

See ya tomorrow in Orlando!

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