Toilet Paper On The Restaurant Table

Last week I had to drive to a town about 2 hours from my office for an evening City Council/Town Hall meeting. As I arrived in the town it was close to dinner time so I asked my GPS to tell me what restaurants were in the area and it identified a Chinese restaurant about a half mile ahead of me.

It turned out not to be a REAL Chinese restaurant, but more like a fast food Chinese restaurant. However two things came into play here:

1. I LOVE Chinese food, especially Sweet & Sour Chicken, Fried Rice and an Egg Roll.

2. I didn’t have time to look for another place and still make the meeting.

So I placed my order at the counter and the young lady told me she would bring my food out to my table. I walked into the dining room and sat at the first empty table I found.

And saw this.

My first thought was, “Is this what they use for napkins?” but a quick glance at other tables revealed no rolls of toilet paper. One can only imagine WHY a partial roll of toilet paper would be on a restaurant’s dining room table. Did someone bring their own special brand with them? Did someone bring it out of the restroom for some reason? Did someone have a really bad runny nose and no tissues?

After I got over my shock and snapped the above picture with my cellphone camera, I moved to another restroom…uh I mean table to eat my dinner.

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