McCain’s VP Pick

Friday morning I was driving in Iowa at 11am when Senator McCain was scheduled to make his choice for a VP running mate known during a rally in Dayton, Ohio. I tuned to NPR to officially hear what had previously been leaked (I had already received multiple “breaking news alerts” from all my news subscriptions on my Blackberry); that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would be the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate.

Having never seen Governor Palin, I found myself listening to her speak to the crowd of 15,000 and visualizing what she would look like based on her voice, tone, inflection, etc. This is one of those fun games that never turns out right. It’s like when you hear the voice of a radio DJ and imagine this tall, dark, handsome man, only to see him at a live event and recoil from the short, fat, balding, gray-haired guy who looks like he lives in his parent’s basement.

Sort of similar to the time when someone told me, “Jeff, you have a voice and face made for radio.”

Driving along Friday, I pictured a Barbie doll with short, stylishly cut blonde hair. That was really the only variation of the popular toy that came to mind.

So, of course, when I arrived back at the hotel on Friday night and turned on CNN to watch the replay, I was totally shocked to see that McCain had chosen Tina Fey as his Vice-Presidential running mate!

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